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Created by Janos Raduly | Published 3/2021
Duration: 5h 14m | 7 sections | 26 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 1.8 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

The fun part starts here.​

Get the Bundle of the Basics and Practical Strats from a Retail Trader like Swing Trading-Scalping to Make Cashflow

What you'll learn

The correct way to look and interpret the charts so you don't get confused

Swing relation charting for the right way of reading the charts

How to apply trendlines on the easy way and how to use them for your trading

How to find and apply support and resistance levels and how to use them

What is the market structure and it's component

Recognizing swing highs and lows so you can detee the price movement

Recognizing and understanding the direction of the trend so you don't trade against the market

Recognizing the change of the direction of the trend so you can jump on the price movement as soon as possible

..entry strategy for the short and medium term trader

How to profit from the up or down movement of the markets

Exit strategy to protect your gains. When and how to enter and exit the market

Intraday strategy if you prefer the lower frames

Risk management

Continuation and reversal formations that works with entry and exit points

Scalping strategy

How to choose the right market to trade

How to combine all your skills and strats together and how to put everything into practice to trade any market on any frame from the 15 minutes up to the weekly chart


Willingness to learn and a desire to become a successful trader.


-A straight forward and practical course with a handful but versatile strats that are simple to understand and put into practice to profit from the markets.

-The beauty of learning technical analysis skills and practices, is that you can utilise what you learn on any market and any frame.

-Doesn't matter if you like Forex, Stock market, Indices, Crypto, Commodities etc...A trend is always a trend in any market.

-You will learn NOT only what to do in order to make a profit but also why you need to do it that way.

-Inside the course, you will get the knowledge of a self-made retail trader about Intraday entry and exit strats, Swing trading, Scalping, Risk management, Buy and Hold your Positions.

-The course will start with the basics of technical analysis to build your confidence. Usually, this part would be a separate course, but you will get the bundle.

-Thanks to this knowledge, you will already start to see the markets in a different way and it will be easy to understand and implement strats.

-Trading shouldn't be a lifestyle but should give you the tools to have the lifestyle you want. After finishing your studies, you will possess the knowledge that will allow you to spend as less as possible in front of your computer doing trading, so you can do what you like.

The complete foundation of Technical analysis in this course;

Utilising Bar Charts vs Candlestick

Swing Relation Charting

Understanding and Analysing Trends

Recognising Highs and Lows


Support and Resistance Levels

Reversal and Continuation Formations

Risk Management

After learning the foundations, you will be able to implement strats, even if in the future you decide to take another course, you will have the prerequisites to develop more advanced strats, methods and complex trading systems.

The strats included in this course are;

Trend Variation strategy /for the short term Swing trader and also for holding your position

Trend Deviation Strategy /for the Intraday trader

Scalping My Way /well, for the scalper

All the strats above will work from the 15 minutes frame up to the weekly.

-At the end of the course we will simulate trading together. This will be very important because at this point you will learn how to combine together all your new skills and knowledge and also how to put everything into practice.

-You will also see your instructor opening a position on his Live Trading Account, how to manage the trade and you will see the outcome/result of the trade.

-You will have some homework to do because practice is the key to success.

-After you are done with the course, you will feel certain of your new skills and ready to go. I promise!

Sounds good?

So let's get started today!

Who this course is for:

If you are totally new to trading or if you have tried it before but fell, this course is absolutely perfect for you.