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Are you enrolling in a Computer Science degree?​

What you'll learn

Develop a broad understanding of the Computer Science degree studies (college/university)

Get hands-on study advice, programming tips, learning strats you must know before Week 1

Understand which courses will be hard/easy for you, what they teach, how to study them

Prepare your mindset for Computer Science studies, and understand whether it is for you

Increase your chances of graduating in CS with techniques that save and effort

Get advice from experienced graduates of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)


High school completion or equivalent knowledge

Able to use a computer at a bner's level


This course will set you up for success in your studies!

Our course is not just another Introduction to Computer Science course attempting to make you a short-term pro.

In this course, our goal is to provide you with the study tips and learning strats to succeed in your CS studies.

As two Computer Science (CS) graduates of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), we have seen many students b their first semester unprepared. Unsurprisingly, this is because many CS freshmen have inaccurate expectations of their Computer Science studies.

Many possess an unprepared mindset, inadequate habits, and poor judgment about their Computer Science journey.

New CS students can achieve greater results if they develop these things early on!

In some cases, students aren't fully aware of what this degree truly consists of and never benefit from the bright future the degree can offer. In fact, some statistics suggest Computer Science is the eeering degree in which students drop out the most. In our first year of Computer Science, we had to develop the habits and apply techniques that we teach in this course to avoid being part of this metric. You will learn how to study Computer Science and succeed, thanks to the numerous study tips, programming advice and learning strats.

This course is intended for high school graduates or any professionals seeking to start their studies in Computer Science in a college, university or institute of technology. Our course will prepare the student to enroll in a Bachelor of Science (BSc) program in Computer Science, where you typically encounter first-year courses such as linear algebra, calculus, and discrete mathematics. The course can also be helpful to undergraduates in CS looking for advice in their studies.

This course will NOT teach you the basics of programming, theoretical content, mathematics, or complicated notions you will be studying throughout your degree. Instead, this course is intended to kickstart your studies in Computer Science by teaching you how to be a successful CS student before your courses b.

What am I going to learn from this course?

In this course, we will prepare your mindset for Computer Science studies and explain to you what to expect (and not to) from your degree program. You will get precious advice and resources that will help you save and effort by teaching you how to use your resources wisely. Our course will kickstart your studies, which is likely to improve your grades and increase your chances of graduating.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

Use your wisely as a Computer Science student,

Prepare your workflow and setup before your courses b,

Understand the importance of courses you will attend,

Know where to seek help and get useful resources,

Know about specializations and their implications on your career,

Be 100% ready for Week 1 of your Computer Science program.

Course Contents

In Section 1, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of Computer Science, the challenges you'll likely face, and the opportunities you'll get during and after your studies.

Section 2 will explore learning strats and tips that will help you save and effort, as well as give you a comprehensive overview of a typical Computer Science curriculum.

Finally, in Section 3 you will step into the Computer Science world and get the most important tools you'll need during your studies. We will give you programming advice and refer you to resources where you can learn to code for free. Throughout the course, we will give you extra content which will summarize the course or help you remember its contents.

We are confident you will learn valuable information in our course and use its content to your advantage. A 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked is available should you not be satisfied with this course!

There's a famous saying by R. Kiyosaki: " is your greatest asset".

This course will help you understand whether Computer Science is for you or not. Perhaps the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates is among you! Otherwise, this course will save you precious which you can use to find your passion.

Who this course is for:

High school graduates looking to study Computer Science in college/university

Any professional seeking to start studying Computer Science in college/university

Undergraduate Computer Science students looking for advice in their studies