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1. Parameter and Application
ColorRed Brown
Grit RangeP36-P320
Abrasive MaterialAlumina Oxide & Ceramic Alumina & Silicon Carbide
Backing MaterialCotton Cloth ( X-weight )
BondR/G Resin Bond, Half Glued
FeaturesHigh grinding ratio, long service life;
Flexibility, good finish;
Anti-static, no burns, reducing clogging and dust;
High quality with low price;
High,efficiency, working safely.
ApplicationThe products are used on inside surfaces and inside corners, where other abrasive shapes cannot reach.
Usually these are used on high-speed air grinders and are always mounted on a mandrel.
2. The Series Cartridge Rolls We Can Provide
Except for the above type of cartridge rolls we can provide, we can also provide the rolls with other abrasive materials, brown aluminium oxide and silicon carbide. The sharp silicon carbide abrasive, provides high initial cut on non-ferrous and soft-loading materials such as titanium, masonry , composites, plastic, and rubber. Moreover, we can provide customized products.
3. Shopping Guidance
The grit range has great importance to the polishing and grinding performance.
Grit RangeFeatures and Application
P36-P50Typically, it's used for blending out heavy machine marks, removing heavy burrs, rust and pit marks.
P50-P80Preparing metal for painting, and blending out medium machine marks
P80-P120Blending metal surfaces, and applying light scratch pattern.
P180-P240Suitable for fine blending and cleaning.
P240-P320Suitable for metal finishing and polishing.
4. FAQ
① How to choose the suitable abrasive tools?
For good strength and high toughness materials, such as magnesium alloy, stainless steel, we can choose the zirconia alumina oxide or ceramic alumina oxide abrasive tools, which has good toughness, high strength, best abrasion resistance and high sharpness.
② What grains are used in non-woven material?
Aluminum Oxide - Aluminum Oxide is brown or reddish in color and a man-made abrasive. It is durable with tough cutting edges. It offers long life and is highly wear resistant even under stress applications.
Silicon Carbide - Silicon Carbide is black in color. It is a sharp, hard synthetic abrasive. Its friable grains fracture to continually expose new cutting edges and permit fast stock removal. It cuts fast and produces finer scratch patterns.
③ Why we choose non-woven abrasive tools?
Blending, cleaning, deburring;
Decorative finishing,de-fuzzing of wood;
Flash removal from plastic parts;
Polishing, removing oxides and rusts;
Scrubbing, scuffing.Abrasive Specialities factory