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Eight-way DMX Signal Amplifier
Power input: AC110-240V 50-60Hz
DMX512 signal input: international standard
3-core card inserted 1 isolated input
DMX512 signal output: international standard
3-core card inserted 4 isolation output
Signal Drive: Each channel has independent isolation amplification and work signal indicator
Input and output signals (including signal ground) are completely
Isolation, signal termination resistance suppression signal
Enhanced Signal Data Access Equipment Amplification
Transmission and Reception
Effectively prevent the lightning high voltage string from
entering the dimming equipment
Improve dimming system security, stability and reliability
Waterproof rating: IP22 (indoor use)
Product size: 275*170*70mm
Weight: 1.8kg
Product Features: The product adopts thickened iron sheet and is treated by multi-layer painting.Film is not easy to hurt paint
Protection of light DMX 512 fault site isolation,
Signal Amplification Transmission Receive Stability Function
Extended Signal Transmission Distance
Applicable places: stage, performance, bar, wedding, multi-functional conference hall
Rock the universe
Large concert
Packing and Shipping
Packing with 2pieces for1 flight case or packing with 1 piece for 1 flight case
Packing 1 piece for 1 carton,packing 2 pieces for 1 carton,or 4 pieces for 1 carton . A variety of specifications of the carton optional
Solid wooden case
Q: Is it easy to install?
A: Yes,our stage light is easy to install ,you can install in anywhere and directly open the switch then it will work.
Q: Are you looking for an agent/ partner around the world?
A: Yes,surely.We looking for agent/partner around the world,each country we are looking 1-2 partners due to the products series,and we will give the best support&protection in the market
Q:I don't own a company. Can I buy your product?
A:Yes,you can.but you should offer your name,address,code to us
Q: Do you have CE/ROHS certificate?
A: Yes,we can offer the CE/ROHS certificate as your requirementHaze Machines manufacturers