AniceSoft EPUB Converter 9.8.8 181011

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    AniceSoft EPUB Converter 9.8.8 181011


    AniceSoft EPUB Converter 9.8.8 | 118 Mb

    EPUB Converter is a tool that offers an easy, efficient and quick way to help you convert EPUB files to other formats, and vice versa. EPUB converter makes it possible to read your Adobe or Kindle books on other devices like Android, iPhone, Sony reader.

    It supports a variety of ebook format conversion: as EPUB to PDF, MOBI to EPUB, Kindle to PDF, TXT to EPUB, etc. In the converting process, this software will remain the text, list, images, hyperlinks and CSS layout of your books.
    Also, it supports batch conversion mode which enables users convert up to 100 files simultaneously in order to satisfy the time-saving requirement mostly.
    It includes (All-In-One):
    EPUB to PDF Converter
    PDF to EPUB Converter
    EPUB to MOBI Converter
    MOBI to EPUB Converter
    MOBI to PDF Converter
    PDF to MOBI Converter
    Kindle to PDF Converter
    PDF to Kindle Converter
    AZW to PDF Converter
    PDF to AZW Converter
    EPUB to DOC Converter
    EPUB to TXT Converter

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